Petri Dish
Tissue Engineering for Wounds & Implants

The architectural precision and flexibility of XCIR for epigenetic tissue regulation facilitates the optimization, development, engraftment, expansion and survivability of synthetic matrix, bio printing and nano self assembly of your engineered three-dimensional constructs.

Cell Therapies

XCIR enhances the activity of DNA and histone demethylases, improving somatic cell reprogramming and pushing
all stem cell types towards the naive pluripotent state more efficiently.  XCIR provides predictable control of of the epigenetic signatures, the redox status, and the extracellular matrix (ECM) composition in all tissue types.  

Drug Development & Testing

 Ocis's highly efficient expansion technology for all cell types enables growth of highly specialized functional human tissue constructs for drug discovery and development that can be utilized to model specific tissue physiology, pathophysiology or used in microphysiological  systems., 

Our Mission

The promise for tissue therapies that are identical in formation and function as the body’s native tissue architecture, with no scarring, made on demand rather than waiting for long processing times, no rejection or a limited supply of donor tissues, that self organizes and is simple to deploy is a goal Ocis is committed to bringing into reality.

Advancing bio-identical formation and function of tissue repair, renewal and regeneration

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Ocis envisions a world where bench to bedside stem cell based tissue regeneration is mainstream medicine 

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