Theraputic Areas

Vascular Disease

XCIR is the  superior choice for  vascular research project and has the point of difference to recreate the natural formation and function in strength and elasticity of vasculature tissue. 

Cranio & Maxillofacial

Choose the most superior product, XCIR, for the challenging texturual differences you face in maxillofacial and cranio facial tissue engineering projects. 


XCIR increase the efficiency and yield of Cardiomyocytes in tissue engineering and bio matrix patch implants.


XCIR is the clear choice being the only biologic in self assembling matrix that crosses the blood brain barrier.  


XCIR can be used as an additive to your current tissue injection or surgical therapies to modulate the epigenetics in adult stem cells for bone, cartilage and tendons - even contracture scar tissue..


XCIR is for the whole anatomy of the eye; anterior& posterior applications; from corneal,  vitreous replacement, retina and glaucoma.


Deficient expression of  5hmC is a clear hallmark of most cancers.  XCIR has been shown to increase TET2 and shown to partially reestablish a normal 5hmC profile and decrease invasiveness . XCIR solves the problem of the feasibility to overexpress TETs invivo. 

Organ Engineering

XCIR may be injected or implanted for auto construction of self assembling scaffolds for personalized iPSC expansion as well as differentiation.

Aesthetic Medicine

XCIR has surface lipophilic dermal delivery to regenerate the rate of collagen production in adult stem cells back to the rate of embryonic cell collagen production - with self assembling matrix.

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